Teri Jump

The author combines her love of children and writing in her project, Responsibility City. Personal journaling was a childhood outlet that grew. She has since edited several organizational newsletters and penned articles relevant to some of her volunteer work. She sends out a yearly family Christmas letter, which actually has a following. At the root of Teri’s stories for Responsibility City were pieces of experiences from raising her three children. It was like a river that flowed and became her first book.

Reading, volunteering, cooking, the arts, exercise, spending time with her grandchildren and family, as well as RVing with her husband, are some of Teri’s delights.



Illustration Artist Bio:

Nathan Meyer attended the School of Advertising Art (SAA) in Dayton, Ohio. He graduated with an Applied Business and Advertising Art degree. Nathan has over 10 years professional experience in the field of graphic design. Currently, he works for one of the nation’s largest school products manufacturers where he creates innovative and trend-based school products. He also works on some of the most recognized school brands. Combine all that with the fact that he is married to a school teacher and is the son-in-law of the author, Teri Jump, Nathan was more than willing to use his talents to create imagery for the author’s wonderful stories that help develop young people’s character.


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