It’s (My) Your Dream

It’s (My) Your Dream
It’s (My) Your Dream
Author: Gregory K. McAfee
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If your business is not growing, you’re probably not dreaming.

Greg McAfee knows a thing or two about starting with nothing. Driven by a dream, he successfully built a team and business that are still thriving today. Greg is proof that amazing things CAN happen when you dare to dream and set realistic, achievable, but high-reaching goals. For more than a decade, Greg’s McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. has enjoyed double-digit growth—and it all started with dreaming big.

In It’s My Your Dream, Greg shares eight elements that will guide you in growing your own business. The suggestions you will find in these pages are practical, understandable…and, most importantly, doable! Apply Greg’s elements to your own business, and you will be released from the everyday details of micromanagement and find the time to dream about the future.

There are many great business books in the world, and whether this is the first you’ve decided to read or one of many, Greg McAfee and a plethora of other successful business leaders will provide you with proven examples and suggestions for growing your business. Start with your own dream, and let Greg show you how to give it wings!

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