Greyden Press entered the digital production business in the early 1990’s and quickly became established as an innovator in applying the new digital production technologies. Serving the national college publisher market Greyden Press became known for it’s abilities in high quality scanning and building complete book manufacturing capabilities around the new digital printing technology. Greyden Press could be counted to create and produce digital product that was as close as
possible in quality to the offset printed material that was the standard of the time.

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In 1995 Greyden Press recognized the fit between its college market skill set and the needs of scientific and technical publishers — particularly in the area of conference proceedings and other “author direct” publications.

While the early days were about high quality scanning and digital book manufacturing the real value Greyden Press brought to scientific and technical publishers was a commitment to help adapt as wave after wave of technology shaped ever shifting customer demands. All of this as market conditions tightened up the funds available to satisfy all customers.

In 2001 Greyden Press introduced Content Create, an automated program that builds both traditional print and electronic content of “author direct” publications. This innovation utilized Greyden Press’ expertise in database programming to create a seamless process of gathering all data required to build a publication into a single structured file and then simply running a program to create all content and in the case of electronic publications add all navigation and searching functionality. Publishers enjoyed a much simpler content preparation, faster production schedules, and reduced costs at all stages of the development and production process.

In 2003 Greyden Press introduced On Demand printing services that included cost effective “one off ” production of traditional print and electronic products. Greyden Press has continued to develop this expertise in On Demand/Short Run production and offers a variety of options that allow publishers to closely match their inventory investments to actual demand — while never losing a sale.

2008 brought a merger with Promatch Solutions, a Dayton, OH based company with in depth expertise of Internet based products. The impact on Greyden Press’ capabilities as a technology innovator were four fold:

  1. Online data collection capabilities could be harnessed to add even more efficiency to automated content building products.
  2. Introduction of online support for On Demand production programs.
  3. Products could be developed that would serve publishers use of structured data on their own websites.
  4. Ability to meet all other structured data needs of scientific and technical publishers for their digital libraries, indexing service, CrossRef, etc.

Integrating all of these capabilities into the automated Content Create program now meant that from one simple set of source material publishers could create all of the required products needed for their “author direct” publications.

Today Greyden Press is your best single source for an “author direct” work flow that meets all of your needs from one simple set of source material. Save time and money, but even more important meet all the needs of all of your customers — and — we will continue our efforts to stay ahead of the curve and be there for you when that next wave of technology requires even more of you.