The Millennials are Here. Are You Ready?

We’ve been hearing about them for years.  And now they are arriving.  Born between 1982 and 2000, they are the generation of technology.  They have never lived a day without the existence of computers, and many don’t remember a time when they didn’t personally use some form of computer.  They think and research differently than other generations and they will impact your association if they haven’t already.

The generation is 92 million strong.  That’s 15 million larger than the Baby Boomer generation and their impact will be enormous.  This year the front end of this wave turns 35 years old.  Their careers are well on their way and they are entering their peak spending years raising families and buying homes while moving into positions of influence within their professions.

What is an annoyance to many Baby Boomers  – “Those kids always playing on their phones” – is a way of life for the Millennials, carrying on multiple dialogues simultaneously via text while grabbing facts off the internet about the topic currently in discussion.

Is your association ready for them?  Is their technological bend compatible with how you deliver your conference proceedings?  Are your proceedings accessible by tablets and phones?  Is the knowledge your association archives searchable and easy to browse from a computer?

These are all relevant questions and becoming increasingly urgent as this generational wave’s contributions to your organization and to the knowledge base that you curate rapidly grow in coming years.  Serving the Millenial generation’s unique needs will be part of your future.

The move to internet based proceedings presentation doesn’t need to be a wholesale change of how business is done.  There remains a place within your proceedings distribution for books, CDs, and USBs.  These are valuable media, but addressing the growing needs of the Millennial generation is something you can’t afford to ignore any longer.  The time has come to address how your association presents your conference proceedings.  The time has come to move your conference proceedings to the internet.

At Greyden Press we’ve been working on Conference Proceedings for over 20 years in all formats and media.  We have the Millennial internet solution.

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