Cloud Conference Proceedings

How many members of your association don’t have a computer on their desk?  How many do you know that aren’t carrying a smartphone?  When they research something unfamiliar, where do they turn first – to their bookshelf?  The library?  Their computer?

The internet surrounds us.  Chances are almost everybody you know from ages 9 to 90 access the internet in some way or form.  For many, whether we are on a street corner searching for an address, in our office looking up new information, or just communicating with our friends, an internet application is where we turn to help us out.

So, are your conference proceedings keeping up?  While people all around you rely on the internet, are your members still using only books or CDs or USBs to access your conference proceedings?

What if your association harnessed the power of the internet to make conference presentations more readily accessible.  What if members could access the proceedings from their smartphone, their tablet or their laptop – right there at the conference – in a discussion group – walking down the hall. What if between sessions they could quickly look at the paper from the prior session on their smart phone to confirm they heard what they thought they heard?

Internet based conference proceedings.  It is a reality today.  Username and password protected.  Online.  In the cloud. Available – for the duration of the conference or for the months or years afterward.  Access can be granted or sold.  Cloud conference proceedings doesn’t need to preclude the distribution of CDs, USBs or even books.  It can be complimentary or it can be stand alone.  But there is no question cloud conference proceedings raises conference proceeding accessibility.

In your future, cloud conference proceedings will become a reality.  How it is ultimately deployed will be determined by your association’s needs, but just as you turn to the internet for many of your basic daily tasks, your membership does the same and is waiting for the day that the internet becomes part of your conference proceedings.

We’re Greyden Press.  Our Cloud Conference Proceedings is in use today.  Call us.  We’re in your future.

Greyden Press has been on the forefront of conference proceeding development for over 25 years.

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